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03. Companies and Foreign Investment.

Companies and Foreign Investment.

Rami Qulaiti Law Firm provides integrated services to the corporate sector, From A to Z. And This includes:

  • Establishing companies of all kinds, transforming them, amending their decisions and liquidating them.

  • Issuing foreign investment licenses, registering commercial agencies, franchise contracts and distribution agreements.

  • Corporate governance and drafting of internal regulations.

  • Establishing investment funds.

  • Deals, mergers and acquisitions management.

  • Registration of trademarks, patents and intellectual property rights.

  • Attending general assemblies and expressing legal opinion on the procedures related thereto.

  • Legal representation of companies, businessmen and businesswomen locally and internationally.

  • Regular legal advice.

With nearly 20 years of experience

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Rami Qulaiti Law Firm provide a range of legal services such as litigation, arbitration, documentation and other legal services to its local and international clients. Whether they are businesswomen, businessmen, companies or national and international entities. In addition to that the firm has close cooperation with international partners from established international legal firms and legal organizations To provide its clients with integrated legal services all over the world.

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