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Introducing our law firm

Legal Services With International Standards

Rami Qulaiti

Law Firm

Rami Qulaiti Law Firm, Based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, is one of the leading legal companies in the Middle East. And its legal services is in line with the highest international professional standards. It is licensed to provide legal advice, litigation, arbitration and documentation under one roof.

Rami Qulaiti Law Firm cooperates with a wide network of international partners and foreign legal offices and international legal organizations, All that is to provide its clients with integrated legal services all over the world. It also includes a team of experts and legal advisors with extensive experience in commercial law, corporate law, civil law, international law, public law and all branches of law, and we have a selection of seasoned attorneys who plead in all courts of all kinds, types, and powers.

Our Practice Areas

Litigation and dispute settlement

Rami Qulaiti Law Firm represents a group of major local and international companies, Businessmen and Businesswomen in front of the Court and judicial authorities.


Arbitration is one of the legal alternative means to settle disputes. Rami Qulaiti Law Firm provides a number of services in this field.

Companies and Foreign Investment

Rami Qulaiti Law Firm provides integrated services to the corporate sector, From A to Z.

Legal advice

Rami Qulaiti Law Firm includes experts and legal advisors who have extensive experience in all branches of law.

Intellectual Property

Rami Qulaiti Law Firm represents companies, institutions and individuals in protecting and registering intellectual property.

Legal Documentation

Rami Qulaiti Law Firm is licensed by the Saudi Ministry of Justice to document civil document.

Real estate

Rami Qulaiti Law Firm provides a range of services in this field.

Endowments and Wills

Rami Qulaiti Law Firm has a specialized team for these services.

One with the law is a majority.


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Rami Qulaiti Law

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