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Rami Qulaiti Law Firm includes a team of experts and legal advisers with extensive experience in commercial law, corporate law, civil law, international law, public law and all branches of law, and we have a selection of seasoned attorneys who plead in all courts of all kinds, types, and powers.

Rami Dahkil Allah AL-Qulaiti

Founder and CEO.



Mr. Rami Al-Qulaiti, Chairman of Board of Directors, is the founder of Rami Qulaiti Law Firm. And he started practicing the profession in 2003, and participated in a variety of legal work locally and internationally.

Mr. Rami has cooperated with a number of international legal offices, including Eversheds, Baker & Mckenzie and Kilpatrick Townsend.

Mr. Rami Al-Qulaiti represented all types of clients, including businesswomen, businessmen, local and international companies before The court of law of all levels, types, and specializations. And through that he achieved high-level of successes. He also helped co-founded a number of national and international companies.

Mr. Rami Al-Qulaiti represent a group of international companies in the Middle East as there legal adviser. He has also wrote a lot of newspapers articles, And participated in a number of legal conferences and seminars.


  • ​Attorney and Legal Adviser.

  • Certified judicial arbitrator.

  • Certified notary.

  • Certified legal expert.

  • A core member of the Saudi Bar Association.

  • Member of the Arab lawyers union.

  • Member of the International Bar Association.

  • Member of Arab and international legal organizations.

our attorneys

Rakan Dahkil Allah AL-Qulaiti

Attorney and Legal Adviser.


  • Attorney and Legal Adviser.


Fahad Aadel AL-Qulaiti

Attorney and Legal Adviser.


  • Attorney and Legal Adviser.


Abdul Rahman Ahmed Al-Amri



Ethar Mohammed Al-Amri



Mohammed Saeed Al-Nouri

Public relations officer

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